About Zhang Ling (张翎)

“Few writers could bring a story about China and other nations together as seamlessly as Zhang Ling. I would suggest it is her merit as an author, and it is the value of her novels.”

—Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

Who she is & what she do

Zhang Ling (张翎)is the award-winning author of ten novels and numerous collections of novellas and short stories. Born in China, she moved to Canada in 1986. In the mid-1990s, she began to write and publish fiction in Chinese while working as a clinical audiologist. Since then she has won the Chinese Media Literature Award for Author of the Year, the Grand Prize of Overseas Chinese Literary Award, and Taiwan’s Open Book Award. Among Ling’s work are A Single Swallow, Gold Mountain Blues and Aftershock, adapted into China’s first IMAX movie with unprecedented box-office success. Where Waters Meet, her tenth novel and the first written in English, is launched in May 2023.